There is an open role for Matt Ryan within the Atlanta Falcons organization

While Matt Ryan might not be retired yet, there is a clear role within the Atlanta Falcons organization where he can flourish
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Matt Ryan played 14 excellent seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and after a bad season in Indianapolis, it didn't take him long to return to Atlanta.

Ryan was spotted at Falcons training camp a couple of weeks ago and even interacted with starting quarterback Desmond Ridder telling him that he would help him with anything. So let's just throw out the unofficial tag on Ryan and just officially hire him to coach his favorite position!

The Atlanta Falcons should offer Matt Ryan a coaching position following his retirement

As we stand right now, Matt Ryan is not retired from the NFL and could sign with a team at any point. The reason is that he would forfeit a lot of money owed to him by the Colts if he were to hang up his cleats. This means that the Atlanta Falcons couldn't officially hire him quite yet since the CBA prohibits official player-coach roles.

However, the door should remain open for Matty Ice—the Falcons wouldn't even need to fire anyone either.

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Over the past two seasons, Charles London has served as the Falcons quarterbacks coach. A few months ago, London left Atlanta to be the pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Arthur Smith filled the role by labeling offensive coordinator Dave Ragone as the quarterbacks coach, so he is now filling two roles.

Not designating a coach as the lone quarterbacks coach and waiting for Matt Ryan to officially retire is the move for Arthur Smith and the Atlanta Falcons.


Ryan has seen it all during his lifetime in football. He has played under a lot of offensive coordinators and three head coaches in the NFL. He has seen his team succeed and fail. And we all know that he (and all of us) have endured the biggest heartbreak in NFL history.

Matt Ryan should become the quarterbacks coach for the Falcons in the future. He has seen it all and done it all—his experience would be valuable for this Falcons staff.