Will Falcons legend Julio Jones follow Matt Ryan into retirement?

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are forever linked to each other as the two best Falcons of all-time and it could be the end for the both of them.
Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
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Matt Ryan just wrapped up his official retirement from the National Football League. The Atlanta Falcons did him the honor of signing him to a one-day deal so that he could retire as a member of the team he led for 14 seasons.

The best teammate he ever had was Julio Jones who, much like Ryan, has put together a Hall of Fame career.

Julio's best days are clearly behind him and that should result in his retirement sometime soon. Could it happen after he saw his long-time quarterback take the podium for a final time?

Julio Jones may follow Matt Ryan's footsteps and retire as an Atlanta Falcon

Julio Jones has a personality that you often don't see from a player at his position, of his talent, and his track record. He keeps things quiet and chooses to stay away from the NFL world when he can.

While he more than deserves to have a mini ceremony like Matt Ryan had, he may elect to file retirement papers and move on in life.

As fans who watched him dominate for years, I think all of us want to see him take the podium and sign a one-day contract to say goodbye. However, part of what makes him so special is his dislike for public attention. He has always been a bit of a mystery to everyone.

Julio would also have to decide that he was finished playing football. Many of us were shocked when he latched on with the Eagles last year but—much like his time in Tennessee and Tampa—things did not go perfectly. He ended up leaving with a concussion after becoming the top available receiver for the Eagles in their disastrous playoff loss in Tampa.

Sustaining that concussion is also another factor here. Is latching on with another team in the chase for a ring worth getting beat up on the field again?

While I said this last year, I think we have seen the end of Julio Jones. The question remains on if he will agree to retire in front of the cameras. Only time will tell.


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