Will Russell Wilson be the top target for the Falcons in free agency?

Russell Wilson's tenure in Denver appears to be over which could open the door for him to join the Atlanta Falcons in free agency. But will it happen?

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Very few teams, if any, need a quarterback more than the Atlanta Falcons. They aren't going to go another year with Desmond Ridder as their starter, which means they will be on the hunt for their next franchise passer.

One route the Falcons could go is signing a veteran quarterback in free agency and the top target could be Russell Wilson who will likely be cut by the Denver Broncos in the coming days. Is this the direction the Falcons will go?

Russell Wilson could easily be the Atlanta Falcons top target in free agency

There is a lot of talent on this Atlanta Falcons team but one thing held them back last season—quarterback play.

Desmond Ridder was as inconsistent as any NFL QB and Taylor Heinicke wasn't any better. The Falcons' top priority this offseason is to find their quarterback so that they can finally take advantage of their offensive weapons.

Super Bowl-winning QB Russell Wilson will likely be free to sign with any team shortly and the Atlanta Falcons could be his top suitor.

Despite having the eighth-overall pick in the draft, the Falcons might look to find a veteran quarterback. The reasoning for that comes down to the new coaching staff. New head coach Raheem Morris talked about how he has loved working with veteran quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford.

Read between the lines and you can see that he is hinting towards finding a quarterback in free agency. The only two players are Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins.

One will likely demand a good chunk of change (Kirk Cousins) while the other has "offset language" in his contract and could be had for league minimum (Russell Wilson).

The choice is obvious: Russell Wilson.


It is hard to see the Atlanta Falcons not being interested in Wilson. It is a huge position of need, they can take advantage of a strange contract situation, and they can land a proven quarterback who could flourish in a new city.

While I can't guarantee he will be their top target, I can say that they will be very interested because how could you not be, all things considered?

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