Atlanta Falcons: Time to Restructure Matt Ryan


Dec 28, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) drops back to pass against the Carolina Panthers in the third quarter at the Georgia Dome. The Panthers defeated the Falcons 34-3. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Super Bowl is nearly here and we need to talk about the how we can make the greatest impact on our team. The Atlanta Falcons should have roughly about 23 million under the cap which sounds pretty ideal however, most teams have plenty of cap space and we’re about in the middle.  That’s basically one extension of Julio Jones and one free agent plus enough to sign our draft. Previously, I wrote how the job of an agent is to garner the most amount of money for their players.  That assumption would mean that the Atlanta Falcons would miss out on a top tier free agent especially when you have a team like Jacksonville which has 63 million willing to spend.

Which is where the restructuring of Matt Ryan contract comes into place.  There is a contract loophole that NFL teams have found to create cap space. In fact, it’s probably how the New Orleans Saints were able to magically create cap room.  Restructuring a contract means converting a base salary (which goes against a cap) into a signing bonus (prorated over future years of contract).  In this case, Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan counts as 19.5 million against the cap with hits of 21 and 23 in the upcoming years.  To be honest, this is going to be Matt Ryan’s make it or break it year.  Say what you want about how Matt Ryan has played but it all comes down to one question. Is Matt Ryan the quarterback that can lead the Atlanta Falcons into a Superbowl victory?  Two years ago, a resounding yes.  Now?  I’m not sure.  We’ve made excuses where we stated that our defense and offensive line is the reason for our record. Fine, let’s throw money to both of those issues and address them. However, when Tony Romo had the best offensive line in the game, he didn’t make it to the Superbowl.  When Seattle Seahawks have one of the worst offensive line in the league and have made back to back Superbowls, then the question is how much time do we argue over what needs to be addressed?  Well whichever way we build this team, we’re going to need the cap space to do it.

By restructuring Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, it shows one a strong point of leadership by Matt to decide on doing so.  It also shows that our team wants to invest into getting the best players possible on our teams.  Earlier this season, Tom Brady forfeited 24 million dollars to move guaranteed money to injury money.  Now, while that doesn’t do anything for their cap space, it does allow for addressing signing bonuses that can be spread out to the course of the contract. Say what you want about Tom Brady but, selfish is the last thing possible.  I’m not asking Matt to forfeit money at all. I am asking to put the team before you and see if we can garner a Superbowl victory.

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