Atlanta Falcons: Who is the Answer at Left Guard?

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The Verdict

The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of needs to fill this offseason, and not a lot of resources to fill them with.

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At the left guard position, there are a few players on the roster who have the potential to become competent starters. Sam Baker probably has the best chance to win the position in camp due to his contract and talent when he can stay on the field, but there’s no guarantee he will be healthy. The Falcons free agent additions, Mike Person and Jared Smith, are likely going to serve as solid veteran depth and nothing more.

Peter Konz and James Stone will likely battle it out for the primary back-up center role with a chance for each of them to snag the left guard position away from Baker. Which is a good thing, because the Falcons will need all the insurance they can get.

All in all, I think the Falcons’ needs on defense are too great to spend a second round pick on an offensive lineman, particularly with how thin the ILB class is. The team will hopefully hold an open competition for the starting LG spot, with the winner of Baker, Stone, and Konz taking over for 2015. Atlanta will likely spend a mid-round pick on an offensive guard, with the plan to have them take over the position in 2016 and beyond.

What do you think about the left guard position? Is the answer already on the roster, or does the team need to invest an early or mid-round draft pick into the future of the position?

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