Did the Atlanta Falcons Cut LB Shembo Too Soon?


This is a tricky situation, especially for a team like the Atlanta Falcons (Michael Vick incident). But the team cut Shembo in such a quick manner.

Reports came out quickly, and the only thing that we heard was that Shembo kicked and the dog died. And an hour later, the Atlanta Falcons cut him.

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But new reports are defending Shembo’s innonence. The first reports that came out sounded like he was kicking a dog for no apparent reason, but this time it had motive.

His attorney Jerry Froelich gave more insight.

"“He didn’t mean to kill the dog,” Froelich told reporters outside the Gwinnett County jail.Froelich said Shembo owns a dog and has never hurt it, and that he “was in tears” about the charge and release from the team."

Apprently, the dog big Shembo as well which resulted in the kick.

"“Denicia Williams called police April 19 to report that her former boyfriend had killed her Yorkie, named Dior. Williams told police she had taken Dior to Shembo’s home at a Mall of Georgia apartment complex four days earlier, according to police.At some point during her stay, Williams left Shembo and her dog unattended. When she returned, Dior was unresponsive, she told police.Williams took the dog to Duluth Animal Hospital, where Dior died shortly after her arrival.” AJC.com"

Hopefully, Dan Quinn and Dimitroff talked to him about what happened. If this is a player that is just a training camp body or UDFA, making the cut right away would make complete sense, but Shembo was the fourth round pick in 2014 and played in every game last season making a good impact racking up 59 tackles for the year.

Either way, what happened is what happened. Prince Shembo will most likely never be on the Atlanta Falcons again.