How do Atlanta Falcons stack up against the NFC South rivals?

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Division Summary

If the Falcons can stick to this record of 4-2, they can all but assure themselves of a playoff berth. But this division race is going to be highly contested from all teams that may very well have a legitimate shot at sneaking into the playoffs.

As we continue to inch our way through the season, the Falcons could become a very good team in the NFL and have a chance of reaching the second round of the playoffs if all things line up the way that they hope.

It’s going to take a lot for the Dirty Birds to come out of this division with a winning record as the parity of the NFC South is second to none. And with all things considered, the Falcons are in a tremendous position to have a run at the playoffs.

Coming out of the South with a 4-2 record sets these Falcons to taste the sweetness of the NFL postseason that has eluded them for some time now, and with a new coach, players, and scheme around them, they may very well be able to go further than anyone is expecting.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the Falcons have a daunting task ahead of them in the division, but they have what it takes to come out with a winning record – far more than what they did last year.

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