Dirty Bird Daily: Boston Globe Writer Mocks the Entire City of Atlanta


We expected the Atlanta Falcons to get little respect from the New England media, but the Boston Globe just insulted the entire city of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons are receiving very little credit from the New England media. This surprises no one within Falcons Nation as we’re aware the team was completely overlooked for all of 2016. We expected overconfidence from those within Patriots territory, but what the Boston Globe published on Monday crossed the line.

What I’m talking about is Dan Shaughnessy’s recent piece of work titled: “It’s hard to get pumped up about a Super Bowl against Atlanta”.

Shaughnessy wrote that it’s hard to feel anything toward Atlanta sports fans except, “Maybe a little pity”. He went on to compare the Super Bowl 51 match-up to “the Bruins beating the expansion St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup” and “the Red Sox beating the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series”.

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Shaughnessy Doesn’t Know Football, Much Less the Falcons

Dan Shaughnessy hasn’t paid attention to a single down of Atlanta Falcons’ football this season. He has no idea the offensive weapons the Falcons have, nor a clue how the Patriots can match up against each. Shaughnessy is also oblivious to the Atlanta defense’s road to Super Bowl 51 that included knocking Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers out of their respective comfort zones.

Not a single ounce of actual football analysis was published by Shaughnessy on Monday. As far as he’s concerned, the Patriots will win Super Bowl 51 simply because the city of Boston has been a winner. It’s not shocking as Shaughnessy knows very little about the game. This much is obvious considering he took a Super Bowl headline and attempted to support it with a lot of basketball talk.

Shaughnessy’s article turns into a nice little history about the rich and prosperous Boston sports scene that predates Larry Bird. He dared to compare the Boston sports market to that of Atlanta, but not without insulting the city of Atlanta in the process.

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Insulting the Atlanta Sports Fans

“[Atlanta] is a town without absolutely zero enthusiasm for professional sports,” Shaughnessy wrote. “The only two spectator sports that matter in Atlanta are college football . . . and spring college football.”

The Atlanta unpleasantness of fans rooted by a lack of championships is one Shaughnessy point to agree with. The city of Atlanta has witnessed some excellent regular season teams, but the playoffs have always ended in disappointment. That said, there’s no question who wants this Super Bowl more. The Atlanta Falcons want it for the fans more than the New England Patriots want another trophy is the case. Shaughnessy could really care less either way. He’s really just looking for a reaction out of anyone catching glimpse of his headlines.

Next to Skip Bayless, there is no bigger troll in professional journalism that Dan Shaughnessy. We’re talking about a Boston sports beat writer who once referred to the 2004 Boston Red Sox as “frauds”. It says a lot that David Ortiz, one of the friendliest athletes on the planet, doesn’t like Shaughnessy at all. I actually doubt the city of Boston cares much for the “reporter with the red jheri curl” either.

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Dan Quinn thanks you for the added motivation this week Mr. Shaughnessy. I look forward to his post-Super Bowl article after the Atlanta Falcons put on one hell of a show.