Atlanta Falcons fans reunite after 20 years


Atlanta Falcons fans reunite after 20 years and their story is nothing short of a holiday season miracle.

Atlanta Falcons fans, have you heard the story about Kieron Graham and his brother Vincent Ghant? Keiron was given up for adoption at the age of 3 months. Now, 20 plus years later, Keiron has been reconciled with his biological brother, Vincent. And if that were not amazing enough, it turns out that Keiron and Vincent are both Atlanta Falcons fans.

Kieron and Vincent recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to share their incredible story. The reconnection came about as earlier this month, Keiron’s adoptive mother, purchased a DNA test kit for him. Upon completion of the test, Keiron discovered that he could very well have a biological brother. And come to find out, he did. That brother’s name? Vincent.

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Upon Keiron contacting Vincent, it was discovered that the two brothers live within fifteen minutes of one another, attend the same college, and have the same major. But it gets even better. Vincent and Keiron are both Atlanta Falcons fans.

Recently the two had a chance to watch a Falcons game on television with one another. They both described the experience in a very positive way. And now, after their story has been shared world wide, the two were contacted by the Atlanta Falcons organization and offered a chance to attend the final Falcons home game of the season against the Carolina Panthers.

This is an incredible story of reconciliation and family. And the fact that this is all occurring around the holidays and amidst the most exciting portion of the Falcons regular season, is simply magical.

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We had a chance to speak with Keiron and Vincent on our Talking Dirty Birds podcast. Take a few minutes to hear what they had to say about their incredible story, what it was like to have the Atlanta Falcons contact them, and their thoughts on this year’s Atlanta Falcons team.