Atlanta Falcons lose to Saints, Fall to 9-6


The Atlanta Falcons fall short against the Saints 23-13. With the division out of reach, they only need to win one game next week to make the playoffs.

Well, it all comes down to one game for the postseason next week for the 2017 Atlanta Falcons. Which really is no surprise.

In prime position, before the game, to possibly steal one in New Orleans to make the playoffs and play for the division next week, the Falcons came up short 23-13 against the Saints.

The Falcons had their chances, but a crucial turnover before the half led to points by the Saints and a fumble by Devonta Freeman ruined two straight momentum drives by the Falcons.

In the midst of the Falcons crucial mistakes, the officiating was questionable. Most of the questionable calls involved Falcons receiver Julio Jones.

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In one play, Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore appeared to grab a hold of Jones two or possibly even three steps before Julio could grab the pass headed his way.

Later in the second half, Lattimore appeared to push Jones down while the wide out attempted to catch a deep ball from quarterback Matt Ryan. After initially throwing a flag, the officials  ended up picking it back up.

With the final momentum killer, Jones appeared to have touchdown catch No. 4 after it looked like the nose of the football had crossed the goal line. The officials ruled it short of the end zone.

The Falcons did make some untimely errors this game but it does come to mind that the to officiating of this game did affect the Falcons rhythm a bit.

Nevertheless, the season comes down to one game to make the postseason against the Carolina Panthers.

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With this being the final home game of the year at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Falcons are in position to beat a good football team at home and grab a little momentum going into the playoffs.

We shall soon see.