Atlanta Falcons greatest years are under the guidance of Thomas Dimitroff

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  • Head coaches:                                                   4
  • Starting quarterbacks:                                   10
  • Wins:                                                                   57
  • Losses:                                                               90
  • Division Titles:                                                  2
  • Playoff appearances:                                      2
  • Playoff wins:                                                     0
  • Double-digit win seasons:                            1
  • NFC title game appearances:                       0
  • Super Bowl appearances:                             0

The 1980 season went as well as the Atlanta Falcons fans could have asked for. Coming out of the 70’s and only 60 wins as a franchise would take a toll on any fan base and the 1980 season seem to signify that a change was on the horizon. During the season, the Falcons would go 12-4, and win the division for the first time in Falcons history. The Falcons would out score their opponents by 133 points during the year.

The Falcons would lose a heartbreaker to Dallas in the 1980 Divisional round after blowing a 14-point lead entering the 4th quarter. Overall, the Falcons had to feel pretty good about heading into the 1981 season.

Sadly, 1980 would be as good as it got for the Falcons in 1980’s. They would win the division just one more time in 1982 after a players strike shortened the season to just nine games. The Falcons would not see another winning season for a full 10 years and the fan base suffered right along.