Defensive tackle breakdown for the Atlanta Falcons

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I believe the Falcons will only keep one defensive tackle on its practice squad. This one will be highly contested, as it is a player that the Falcons traded up to draft in 2019. If you are unfamiliar with the practice squad requirements, here they are:

  1. A team can have up to 10 players on their practice squad
  2. Four players per practice squad can have two accrued seasons – an “accrued season” is defined as being active for at least nine games
  3. Eligibility is limited to the remaining six players who have been on an active roster for fewer than six games, or were on a 46-man active game day roster for fewer than nine games

John Cominsky – I originally shared this thought a month ago and people lost their minds because the Cowboys are said to have wanted him really badly which forced the Falcons to trade up and grab him before the Cowboys did. Cominsky is not ready for the NFL at this moment; he is going to need some additional development. Keep in mind he was an options QB just a couple years ago and ate a lot of Little Caesars pizza to bulk-up.

Before you worry about someone stealing him from the Falcons practice squad, keep in mind, if he cleared waivers and chose to sign with the Falcons practice squad at that point, the only way a team could sign him is to place him on their active roster.