Defensive tackle breakdown for the Atlanta Falcons

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The good news is there will at least be another alternative at some point for those that do not make the Falcons final roster or the practice squad. Some of these guys may be good enough to sign on with another team as well. The biggest misnomer among fans is that if a guy is cut from one team, he sucks. We have seen guys like Taylor Gabriel come through Atlanta to know that is not the case. In order to make it, many variables have to fall in line for a player and that very well could be elsewhere for these guys.

Michael Bennett – Would be practice squad eligible as he only has one year of accrued service and if the Falcons decide to keep two defensive tackles, he will be the second.

Jacob Tuiti-Mariner – The defensive tackle out of UCLA has no chance at making this roster unless many unforeseen injuries take place. Tuiti-Mariner would need a helluva off-season and camp in order to even be considered for the practice squad.

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Justin ZImmer – He spent time on the active roster, playing against New Orleans in 2018. With all the additions this off-season, the on-again off-again relationship that the Falcons have had with Zimmer over the last year will be over. His career very well may be over as he has opportunities with both Buffalo and New Orleans as well.