Five records the Atlanta Falcons could break in 2019

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Let’s go back in time for just a moment. Late July 2016, Falcons elite quarterback, Matt Ryan, was asked by ESPN Falcons beat writer Vaughn McClure if the Falcons could score 30 points per game that year in an offense that was being coordinated by Kyle Shanahan.

"“Absolutely. There’s no question. I feel like we have a really good receiving corps. We’ve got great running backs. We’ve got a really good offensive line; tight ends across the board. Of course we can.”"

Well, as we all know now, people laughed and ridiculed Ryan for that statement, however, Matt Ryan would go on to be the 2016 NFL Most Valuable Player and the Falcons offense would score 540 points, which worked out to 33.75 points per game.

The offense in 2019 should be even better. Calvin Ridley is an upgrade from Taylor Gabriel, Julio is still Julio, Mohamed Sanu is a better version of himself, Austin Hooper is developing into one the league’s best tight ends and the run game should be better with several healthy options that can pick up tough yards.

It would be safe to say that if the offensive line can stay healthy and the learning curve with Dirk Koetter can be kept to a minimum, the Atlanta Falcons offense can not only beat their own record of 540, but they could challenge the 2013 Broncos offense that scored an NFL record 606 points.