5 bold predictions for the Atlanta Falcons this season

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Devonta Freeman has been a godsend for the Atlanta Falcons ever since he was drafted by the team. Freeman is one of those guys that just goes out and get the job done. When healthy, he’s one of the most consistent running backs in the NFL.

After being injured for the most of last season, you could tell the Falcons missed his presence. While Tevin Coleman stepped in and provided some production, it didn’t equal what Freeman was able to do on the football field.

Since Freeman is healthy, expected the Falcons to give him the ball more which will lead to Freeman having a career year. We do have a stable of running backs and they will be in charge of keeping Freeman fresh throughout the season which can only help his case.

1,200 yards does seem like a lot of yards for someone as talented as Freeman, but his career high for rushing yards in a season is 1,079 yards back in 2016. 1,200 yards equates to 75 yards a game which is going to be easily obtainable especially if the Falcons offensive line holds up. The Falcons aerial attack will also assist in opening holes for Freeman.