Four best Falcons performances from Sunday afternoon


There was not much positive to take from the Atlanta Falcons performance in Minnesota, however, there were four guys that had really good games Sunday afternoon.

The overall performance from Atlanta Falcons coaches and players left a lot to be desired. To say it was a rough day at the office would truly be an understatement. The Falcons had us all believing that they were back and looking to take the NFL by storm.

Sure, that can still very much happen. When you play 16 games, there are going to be a couple that simply does not go your way. The fact is, the Falcons ran more plays, had more yards, fewer penalties and for the final 34 minutes played winning football. The problem was the first 26 minutes when the birds looked like they had better items on the agenda than playing football.

Four players had really good games on Sunday afternoon and these four performances should give us all hope that Dan Quinn and the coaching staff can get things turned around quickly.

Alex Mack

Alex Mack has been the best offensive lineman since he arrived via free agency from Cleveland in 2016. His ability provides a lot of stability for Matt Ryan up the middle and while Matt Ryan was hit more than a dozen times on Sunday afternoon most of that was generated from outside pressure.

Alex Mack was one of four players offensively to take every snap on Sunday and that should not change baring injuries.

Grady Jarrett

Grady Jarrett is going to have a break out year. For those of you have that have doubted his worth or his ability, should put that nonsense to rest now. He was the lone bright spot for a defensive line that added skill and depth and should have been a lot better than they played on Sunday.

As we have said numerous times, Grady needs a tag team partner so hopefully one will come to play this week against the Eagles.

Ito Smith

There is no running back controversy and there should be. There is no doubt that Smith is the best running back on this Falcons roster and that Devonta Freeman’s time is up. Smith looked better and more fluid running behind the same offensive line that Freeman. At this point, there is nothing that Freeman can do that Ito Smith cannot and it is time the Falcons start to give the carries to the guy that gives them the best chance to win.

Devonta Freeman has not looked right since his agent opened her mouth during the Super Bowl week wanting more money.

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Austin Hooper

Each year Austin Hooper has progressed in his development as an NFL tight end and he is on the verge of being the best in the game. There were a couple of times he left Jake Matthews or Kaleb McGary out to dry Sunday, but overall, he was fantastic in his play both blocking and of course receiving. He ended Sunday’s match-up with nine catches and 77 yards.