Atlanta Falcons have to nail their Keanu Neal replacement


The Atlanta Falcons have another decision to make and unlike last year, they have to get it right this time.

According to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, tests have confirmed that Atlanta Falcons safety Keanu Neal has in fact torn his Achilles and will miss the remainder of the season. This is absolutely brutal news for Neal who worked his tail off to come back from a torn ACL in 2018.

While the Falcons will work to make sure that Keanu Neal has everything he needs off the field for recovery, they need to make sure that the defense has everything that they need to be productive on the field.

Last year, Dan Quinn assured everyone that he had the right pieces in place and that the team did not need to bring in a guy like Eric Reed. As we all know Reed has gone on to be highly productive for the Panthers while the Falcons struggled to have adequate depth at Safety both in 2018 and again this year.

However, the Atlanta Falcons have an opportunity to make sure that depth and on the field play does not dip without the one-time pro bowl selection.

Eric Berry.

We have written before about the Falcons needing to sign him for better depth and leadership, both of which the Falcons lack on defense, but now they actually NEED to bring in the five-time pro bowl safety.

This would give Berry the chance to finish his career on his terms, play for the hometown team and would allow the Falcons to actually have a seasoned leader on that side of the ball who has been through the battles and can provide some on the field guidance.

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There will be people that will hate the mere idea of bringing in a guy that only played in a couple in 2018, but he is well-rested and looking for an opportunity to help a team. We all know the Falcons need as much help as possible at this point.