Time for Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank start thinking like a champion


Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is loyal to a fault and the product on the field is a direct result of that loyalty.

Loyalty is a four-letter word in sports, to everyone involved – fans, sponsors, front office, coaching staff and players. People are only as useful as their last game and for the Atlanta Falcons, that isn’t much.

After the atrocity that happened in Houston Sunday afternoon, Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided not to leave head coach Dan Quinn in Houston as the team headed to Arizona, but instead said he believed that the team would find a way to turn everything around.

That loyalty is the same that Dan Coach has displayed in players that have no living up to contracts. Players like Devonta Freeman, Vic Beasley, and Takk McKinley to name a few. Dan Quinn is loyal to his guys to a fault. Everyone but Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn knew to guarantee Vic Beasley’s fifth year was a terrible choice when you could have had him for less than 3 million.

Dan Quinn’s loyalty is the reason this team is 1-4. Not addressing positions like pass rusher because that would mean that he would have to admit he wrong about Beasley and McKinley. Allowing a slot corner like Brian Poole to walk because you spent too much money on Beasley and having to rely on Isaiah Oliver who is nowhere near ready to be anything more than a practice squad player is a reason this team is 1-4.

Arthur Blank is worth more than 5 billion and he did not get there by acting on what his heart thought was right. He built his fortune by using his brain and understanding that in order to build something sustainable and successful you have to have the right people in place to make the tough decision.

It is clear that neither Thomas Dimitroff nor Dan Quinn is able to make the decisions needed in order to make this franchise a championship franchise. Winners do things losers will not; champions will do what winners will not.

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It is time that Arthur Blank starts acting like a champion and make the necessary decisions needed to turn this franchise into one before it is too late.