The play of the Atlanta Falcons is speaking loud and clear


Since Dan Quinn was hired by the Atlanta Falcons, before the 2015 season, the franchise has had the motto of “Brotherhood”. Many now are questioning its validity, but should we?

Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher joined Atlanta radio hosts “Dukes & Bell” on 929 The Game Tuesday afternoon and says that despite the 1-5 start to the season, that the “Brotherhood” is still intact and that Dan Quinn has not lost the locker room.

During the interview, Bosher attempted to dispel the nothing that the players did not believe in Dan Quinn.

"“I understand where a fan from the outside might see it that way. But wholeheartedly this team backs him and backs every other coach in there. We’re in there all day everyday together. The Brotherhood isn’t just some lip service that we do, it’s legitimate. Everybody feels that way, everybody has each other’s back. You can see it week in and week out on the field, win lose or draw if somebody has a mistake, somebody comes off and everyone is there for them. It starts from the top down, that’s not just something that happens in the locker-room that’s something that DQ fosters every single day.”"

No athlete of Matt Bosher’s status, average punter, is going to come on a local media show and claim that the coach has lost the locker room. Matter of fact, we do not need Bosher to tell us that the team still believes in Quinn because we are watching these games and the looks and actions on the field and on the sidelines would say that DQ has in fact lost this team.

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The Atlanta Falcons roster may love Dan Quinn as a person, but that does not mean they want to continue playing for him. Effort and actions speak louder than words, and the actions of those that play Sunday, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, would say they no longer want to play under Dan Quinn or his terrible defensive scheme.