Without the Falcons playing Sunday, the commercials will command more attention


There was a lot of hope for the Falcons in 2019. The entire organization was very open about it being a Miami or bust year and it was more bust than we have seen in years.

Sure, the Atlanta Falcons have had worse years under Dan Quinn, but not when you look at the expectations that were openly discussed from Falcons owner Arthur Blank all the way down to the long-tenured long snapper, Josh Harris. They all expected to be the NFC representative.

Instead, it is former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator leading his new team back to a game he was on the losing side of just three years. Instead, it’s watching his team built the way that Falcons fans have been begging general manager Thomas Dimitroff to build Atlanta – from the trenches up.

With the Super Bowl this week and the Falcons not playing in the game, the commercials become more important than the game. Sure, two of the game’s best young players, Patrick Mahomes and Nick Bosa, will be on display but the game itself will just be a reminder that the Falcons are sitting at home like the rest of us.

This is the first year where I can truly say that the commercials of Super Bowl Sunday will have my attention more than the game itself. Hell, halftime with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be more entertaining to me than the action on the field.

Super Bowl Sunday use to be the best day in all of American sports, but the more time goes on and more Blank allows his franchise to be run by average-at-best front office personnel, the more joy gets sucked out of the biggest day in American sports.

Had the Falcons at least made the playoffs and lost a hard-fought battle, it would not be so bad. Rather, this is the third time in Quinn’s five seasons and the sixth time under the direction of Thomas Dimitroff that the birds haven’t made the playoffs.

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Sure, the game will be on, alcohol will be flowing and the dip will be hot, but for the first time the commercials will have my attention more than the game itself.