Pairing the Atlanta Falcons with their fast food counterpart

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Atlanta Falcons
Grady Jarrett, hear us out, is Chick-fil-a. People love him and he’s the hometown kid. When the chicken place closes on Sunday, that’s when Jarrett is open for business. And say what you will about Chick-fil-a’s food, their customer service is top of the line. /

That’s equivalent to Jarrett’s effort on the field. No matter the result on the field, win or loss, or what the stat book shows, you can’t question his effort. This isn’t to say Jarrett is nice and friendly on the field, it’s to say he shows up every game day, regardless of what’s going on. But people will always debate if this is the best chicken restaurant. Consider that, his Aaron Donald.

And what about Deion Jones. He’s Popeyes. Yes, both he and Jarrett are chicken establishments, but that doesn’t mean we should compare then. They are two different types of the same thing.

Jones is loud when he plays, the finger wag, the smack talk, he plays fast and lets you know about it. It’s like people and Popeyes. Especially with the new sandwich and the box combination they offer. It’s fast, quality food. Number 45 is also in the talk as one of the top linebackers in the game. Popeyes is in the debate too.

In fact, half of 2019 was who has the best sandwich. There are 30 other teams who wish they could get their hands on Jones. Oh and Jones went to LSU, Popeyes is a Louisiana inspired food.