Matt Ryan provides his best scenario for the 2020 postseason

The Falcons hope to return to the NFL post-season for the first time since 2017 and Matt Ryan has an ideal way for it to play out.

We all know Matt Ryan is criminally underrated by Falcons fans, NFL media, and NFL fans. Whenever someone mentions elite quarterbacks in the game his name is never in the Top 5. People go as far as to put average quarterbacks like Carson Wentz in their Top 5 but never Matt Ryan.

Unlike in other years, Matt has been very outspoken this offseason about the team’s expectations, his expectations, and even how good he thinks he is. Sure, when he mentioned all of those things on the Pardon My Take podcast this week, he was chuckling but as the great American poet Marshall Mathers once said: “truth is oftentimes said in jest”.

Also during his appearance on Pardon My Take, Matt Ryan described his ideal postseason for the Falcons in 2020.

“Bye week, beat New Orleans in the divisional round, take out Philly in the championship game, and roll right in and take out the Patriots in the Super Bowl.”

If that statement alone does not get your ready for football season as well as give you an inkling of how focused Matt Ryan is for 2020, I am not sure that anything will.

Matt Ryan is applying a lot of pressure on himself and the franchise

Matt is well aware of the jobs and livelihoods at stake in 2020 and it seems like he is making it his life’s mission to make sure that everyone in the organization is focused on the task at hand. He is talking a lot more than he normally does and he knows that only adds pressure to the goals that they have set out to achieve.

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Diamonds are created from pressure, maybe this is the year that the Falcons win their improbable first Super Bowl as they attempt to live up to the pressure that Matt Ryan is creating before them.

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