Raheem Morris was the wrong choice for the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons named Raheem Morris interim head coach.

It seems like all Atlanta Falcons faithful are complaining about something lately, with every right to, and we are going to add to that.

Bluntly put, Raheem Morris was the wrong choice to be the interim head coach for the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons have the worst defense in the NFL, like dead last in nearly every category and Rich McKay thought it was a great idea to once again use the defensive coordinator as the head coach?

While I do agree that Morris was one of the better candidates on the current staff to become the interim head coach, however, given the task of turning around the league’s worst defense, his time would be best used elsewhere.

Ultimately, several staff changes should have been made.

One, the firing of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. He has been atrocious and there is no other way to put that. The play calling in the red zone and his inability to identify and exploit matchups is a big reason this team in 0-5.

Once Koetter was gone, Greg Knapp should have assumed the offensive coordinator position. He could not have been any worse than Koetter has been and he has a better relationship with Matt Ryan. Ryan and Koetter clearly aren’t on the same page nor does he have an understanding of what Matt’s current strengths and weaknesses are.

The third change that should have been made was moving Assistant head coach Jeff Ulbrich to interim head coach. Yes, Ulbrich is the linebackers coach but he has far less on his plate than Raheem Morris does at the moment.

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No one is expecting the Falcons to turn things around after a 0-5 start and at this point, the coaching changes are nothing more than putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound but there were clearly better choices that could have been made by Rich McKay. Though given his four-year stint as the Falcons GM from 2004-2007, we should have expected the announcement we received today