Tom Brady will kick Falcons players but not shake their hands

Jan 8, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) on the sideline against the Atlanta Falcons in the third quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 8, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) on the sideline against the Atlanta Falcons in the third quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

As a Falcons fan, I have never had an issue with Tom Brady, yes, even after 28-3. I have never been a huge fan of him but I also have never disliked him that much. At least, until this season when he has turned into one of the most disrespectful players in the NFL.

We all know the previous cheating scandals with him in the past but as long as you aren’t running a bounty gate, then it doesn’t necessarily make you a disrespectful person (you are disrespecting the game and making it unfair for other players/coaches). However, kicking players, complaining constantly, and acting like you are too mighty to even shake an opposing player’s hand is simply disgraceful.

Tom Brady has acted extremely immature toward the Falcons this season

Tom Brady has destroyed the Atlanta Falcons, there is no denying that, at least up until Sunday. But just because you dominate an opponent doesn’t mean you have to act like a child toward them, which is exactly what he has done this year.

It started back in week five when the Falcons traveled to Tampa Bay. The game was close and Grady Jarrett sacked Tom Brady which was bound to lead to a punt, setting up the Falcons for a potential game-winning drive. However, Jerome Boger had other ideas after Brady complained to him and he threw a flag for roughing the passer, it was a horrendous call.

After the game fans noticed that Brady—numerous times—had kicked Grady when he was trying to get up. In what world would you ever need to kick someone in the NFL unless you are Antonio Brown returning a punt and the punter gets in the way? There are clear videos showing Brady kicking Grady Jarrett. And don’t get me started on the people on Twitter who somehow tried to argue he didn’t kick Grady when there was a video of him doing so right in front of their face…

Then on Sunday, Brady started the meaningless game and was pulled in the second quarter. His team went on to lose 30-17 against the Falcons, marking the first time Atlanta has beaten Brady.

Ask anyone out there, what do you do following a game, no matter if you win or lose? You go shake hands with the opposing team. It brings a sense of humanity back to the players who just spent 60 minutes running full speed into each other, and it is a sign of respect.

Apparently, Tom Brady wanted nothing to do with that as he ran himself straight to the locker room. Meanwhile, on the opposite sideline you have a rookie quarterback who just won his second game in his career and has spent his entire life (quite literally as Brady entered the league the same year Ridder was born) watching you play the game he loves so much. The least you can do is go shake his hand!

Really think about it, how would you feel if you looked up to a player your entire life, you make it to the NFL, you end up playing him in your fourth start and manage to beat him but he cannot even take the time to give you a 2-second handshake?

For all the hate that fans give Aaron Rodgers due to his personality, at least he was respectful enough to go shake his division rival’s hands after they destroyed his playoff hopes. Brady couldn’t even do it in a meaningless game!

Who knows, maybe Brady is a germophobe and would rather use his feet to “greet” people rather than his hands?

Or perhaps a more simple explanation, he was in a rush to go somewhere even though he would be traveling with his team who actually had respect for the Falcons. But if he was in a rush then couldn’t he have left before the game ended? The Bucs let him do whatever he wants anyways.

Needless to say, I personally, have lost a lot of respect for Brady. Sure, he is probably the greatest of all time but he is also proving to be one of the most disrespectful players we have seen. And to think it could have all been avoided if someone had put him in timeout for kicking someone prior to him taking the field on October 9th, or him taking two seconds out of his famed life to shake someone’s hand. Great player, very childish, and a poor sport.

Maybe he couldn’t handle the fact that a 23-year-old quarterback making his fourth start is now undefeated against him and handed him his first losing season. If that’s the case, then we got him coach!

I also would say that he wears #12 because that is the age he acts, but 12 is way too high. Maybe he should take Ridder’s number, that would be more appropriate.

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