12 Former Atlanta Falcons still searching for free agency landing spot

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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4. Albert Huggins

Perhaps this opinion is in the minority but the Falcons should re-sign Albert Huggins. While it was an extremely limited sample size the effort and fit for Atlanta was clear as a depth piece. Perhaps this is a move the Falcons will make after the draft if they don't add to the position there. However, they should bring back the defensive lineman considering their recent injury history.

5. Logan Woodside

Logan Woodside isn't going to get a backup job at this stage of his career. However, he shouldn't have any issue finding work as an emergency quarterback. Expect Woodside not to sign until we see where the rookie quarterbacks land and teams begin to have a clear picture of who their three options are at the position.

6. Joe Gaziano

Another defensive piece that a lot of Atlanta Falcons fans won't remember. This isn't wrong considering how short-term his time with Atlanta was. The Falcons are going to opt to move on from a player who is a fringe roster piece and going to have a hard time finding a landing spot moving forward. It is nice to see the team spending and finally having the ability to move on from these type of players.