3 Former Atlanta Falcons the team should consider reuniting with

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2. Calais Campbell

Did the Atlanta Falcons break Calais Campbell in the 2023 season? The veteran played at an impressive level and gave it his all while saying all the things you want to hear from your veteran leader. This amounted to a season-ending collapse and a lot of bad moments for the Atlanta defense at the end of the year.

The leadership and message is different this season but the veteran's potential impact is the same. If he wants to continue his career why not return to Atlanta with a far better chance to compete? The Falcons may not be a Super Bowl threat but they are favored to make the playoffs and should have a fun season with an explosive offense.

One that will take a lot of pressure off Atlanta's defense and allow Calais Campbell to be in far less high pressure spots. At this stage of his career, what does Calais want to do next? Retirement or hunting a ring with a top contender both seem very appealing from the outside. Still, the Falcons should attempt to bring the veteran back to this roster.