3 free-agent moves from NFC South that should worry Atlanta Falcons fans

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 7
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2. Tampa Bay brings back Baker Mayfield

There is something electric about Baker Mayfield as a leader and as a starting quarterback in this league. It is hard to put your finger on for a player who doesn't do one thing at a special level. Having him leave the division would have been ideal for Atlanta and the rest of the NFC South.

It is the gritty way he plays the position that should bring a healthy level of fear into Atlanta Falcons fans. The 2023 season made it clear that it was Carolina and Cleveland that let down Baker. He is still a franchise quarterback albeit a lower-tier one but a franchise quarterback nonetheless.

This in itself is more than enough to be a threat in a division led by Kirk Cousins. Mayfield isn't afraid of the moment and the stage is never going to get too big for him. Yes, he will make mistakes but he will find a way to make just as many big plays down the field.

If you're the Falcons you should consider this a race between yourself and Tampa to win the division. Tampa has the experience but Atlanta should be in the lead when it comes to roster talent.