3 Keys for an Atlanta Falcons victory in New York

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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2. Make Tim Boyle beat you

If there is a starting quarterback in the NFL that is clearly worse than Desmond Ridder it is Tim Boyle. It is hard to believe that Boyle is an upgrade over Wilson or even better than many names that are home sitting on their couch. Tim Boyle wasn't a great college quarterback and his NFL numbers have been worse.

Atlanta needs to pack the line of scrimmage and force this New York team to put the ball in the air. If your defense is beaten by Tim Boyle your team has much deeper issues than simply one loss. This game looked to be one of the toughest on Atlanta's schedule heading into the year and now it is clearly a must-win.

This isn't to say that going on the road to New York is ever easy. However, you're facing a team that is on the edge of elimination without their first two starting quarterbacks due to injury and an offense that can't figure out a way to get into the endzone. Atlanta losing this game should end their season and any hopes Arthur Smith has of keeping his position.