3 Quarterbacks that should top the Atlanta Falcons wish list

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2. Kirk Cousins

Many Atlanta Falcons fans will grumble about this suggestion, however, Cousins is the best quarterback on the open market. There are few starters set to hit free agency and Cousins is by far the best.

Cousins isn't the flashy move that Falcons fans want at the position but is likely their easiest path to adding a starter and winning right away. If you trade up for Williams or draft a quarterback in the first round you will have growing pains any rookie quarterback goes through.

Justin Fields is inconsistent as a decision maker and that leaves you with the likes of Russell Wilson or Ryan Tannehill. Kirk Cousins would win in Atlanta and give the team a chance to make a run in an increasingly weak NFC. Outside of the 49ers which team is clearly going to beat Atlanta with a rebuilt offense and a capable quarterback in Cousins?

In the NFC South, Cousins is enough to win you the division and give you a chance in the playoffs. If the Falcons were able to add a capable edge rusher to the roster as well you feel they have a chance to make some noise in the conference.