3 Quarterbacks that would make the Atlanta Falcons playoff contenders in 2024

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2. Justin Fields

If the Bears are going to do the right thing and draft Caleb Williams as a franchise reset the Falcons' second choice should be Justin Fields. Fields is a scary addition as a starting quarterback but clearly is superior to any of Atlanta's current options. What makes Justin so scary is what makes him great as well. Fields creates plays out of thin air and at times this means he misses the obvious read or goes far outside the offense.

Justin Fields in Atlanta can work under the right circumstances but the Falcons need to understand how Fields plays the game. Justin is only going to work in Atlanta with a young offensive-minded head coach or the perfect coordinator.

Fields is a risk but would be a clear upgrade and give Atlanta the chance to find a star at the position. Fields can make all the needed throws and could be a top 10-15 starter if he has the right coaching and weapons around him. With a great running game in Atlanta, a strong offensive line, and two great receivers in Pitts and London, Fields has the upside to go on a playoff run. Fields should be a distant second behind Williams but the quarterback is a fit in Atlanta.