3 Reasons Arthur Blank landed the perfect head coach for Atlanta

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2. Raheem Morris is a well-respected leader

Listen to Raheem Morris speak and you will quickly begin to understand why he has his player's respect. Morris was a sought-after interviewee and clearly is a great leader and has past head coach experience.

The Falcons interviewed 14 different possible head coaching fits for this roster. Arthur Blank was won over by Morris despite what the move did to the Atlanta owner. It clearly makes Blank appear to have made a mistake in letting Morris ever leave the Falcons and wasting time with another head coach.

The obvious defense here is that time was valuable for Morris who grew even more as a coach and added new connections. Regardless, the point here remains that Raheem is a well-respected leader and doesn't have the bravado that Arthur Smith brought.

There isn't a fake tough guy attitude but a wise and thoughtful approach that illustrates who Raheem is and why he has had so much success in this league. This attitude fits exactly the type of players that Smith and Fontenot have spent the last three years targeting. Morris is going to be exactly what this roster, coaching staff, and Atlanta media needs after three years of Arthur Smith.