4 Atlanta Falcons facing a fight for new deals in 2024

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore is entering the last year of his rookie deal and doesn't have a fifth-year option. Moore is expected to be the third receiver behind Drake London and Darnell Mooney. Moore is an overlooked piece of this offense who has the perfect opportunity set up to cash in.

Whether it is with the Falcons or a new landing spot it wouldn't be shocking to see Moore become the second-best receiver. His skill set fits what Kirk Cousins does so well and his speed offers consistent big-play opportunities.

While it might not be the most impactful the move to acquire Moore is easily the most impressive of Atlanta's offseason. Turning Desmond Ridder into an offensive starter is an accomplishment. Ridder's time in Atlanta was clearly over and getting a team to spend anything of note was impressive.

While the lack of pass rushers and the quarterback management will continue to catch headlines this move is going overlooked. With Atlanta already having paid Mooney and soon needing to pay Kyle Pitts and Drake London it wouldn't be surprising if it is a one-year rental.

Moore is not only fighting for a new deal but to prove the first three years have been about the Cardinals' inability and not his.