4 Atlanta Falcons who aren't given the respect they deserve

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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2. Tyler Allgeier

The quarterback position is far more interesting and pivotal to the team's season than running back. It is for this reason that the Cousins vs. Penix debate has already started while Allgeier is often quietly forgotten. Allgeier rushed for 1,000 yards in his rookie season and was replaced in year two by Bijan Robinson.

Yes, the back still was given plenty of carries but not nearly the expected total. Robinson's talent is the obvious explanation for why the team decided to spend a top-ten pick on a position they already had. However, none of this makes it any easier for Allgeier to be put into a lesser role.

The Falcons are messing with Tyler's ability to be paid after his rookie deal and took away a spot the back more than earned. Still, Allgeier showed up and ran hard no matter the situation or score. It doesn't matter what the situation is Allgeier will fight for the final inch in a carry as if it wins or loses the game.

It is what makes the third-year back so easy to root for and what will continue to allow him to play a pivotal role in the offense. Putting his ego aside and filling his role deserves credit for a player who had every reason to demand a starting job.