4 Offseason catastrophes Atlanta Falcons must avoid

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2. Failing to truly add receiver depth

How many Atlanta Falcons receivers can you name currently under contract after Drake London? It is a very short and underwhelming list for a team that clearly hasn't taken the position seriously. Forget the quarterback struggles and look simply at the top targets the Falcons have had each season since Julio Jones left and Arthur Smith took over.

You have a myriad of names that all are 5th and 6th options on a good roster. Why the Falcons haven't taken the position more seriously is confounding. Perhaps under Raheem Morris, this will change and along with Terry Fontenot, the offense will be built into a more complete unit.

You have a great offensive line, backs, tight ends, and a solid first option at the position. Atlanta, however, needs to add at least 3-4 receivers capable of making an impact. The new offensive coordinator will run sets with 3 receivers far more often and the current Atlanta roster would struggle to rotate receivers with two on the field. Atlanta doesn't have to go out and make splashy moves at the position simply spend some later draft picks as well as bringing in cheap veteran options to compete for roles.