4 Prospects Falcons can draft to make Kirk Cousins life easier in Atlanta

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2. Brock Bowers

With how the Falcons have attacked the receiver position this offseason this one is very unlikely. Arthur Smith is no longer running this team so the chances of drafting a back or tight end in the top ten should be adjusted accordingly.

The only reason Bowers is on this list is because he is just that special of a talent. He is a surprisingly crisp route runner for a player of his size and has an elite ability to find the open space. On Georgia's 2022 title run the team would often simply run screens to put the ball in his hands.

His speed and size aren't logical and are the reasons he could be a top-ten pick. Giving Kirk Cousins Brock Bowers, Kyle Pitts, Darnell Mooney, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson may form an actual argument Cousins could win a Super Bowl.

Brock Bowers isn't staying in Georgia but it is fun to consider the hypothetical fit. A goal-line formation with Robinson, London, Bowers, and Pitts as your weapons, good luck. Bowers seems a more likely fit for the Chargers and Jim Harbaugh who need to give Justin Herbert a weapon after losing key players during the offseason.