4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid this offseason

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2. Jameis Winston

There was a time when Jameis Winston looked to be an interesting insurance option for the Falcons. Yes, Winston has been a turnover machine in years past but he is a gunslinger that would give Atlanta's young weapons consistent chances. Having him come in and compete with a rookie or be the second option behind a veteran seemed like a good idea.

However, after Atlanta's final game this season it is clear that Winston can never be a part of the Atlanta Falcons. Winston's losing mentality of overriding the head coach and faking taking a knee to run a play already up 41-17 is a great example of this.

Winston isn't a player that fits Atlanta's organization and shouldn't be considered as even a backup option. Someone willing to override their head coach in that type of situation and to do so in the style that he did doesn't belong on Atlanta's roster.

Yes, Jameis would have been the most talented quarterback on this roster in 2023. However, the Falcons are still better off without him or the mentality that he obviously brings to a team. There are a myriad of backup options for Atlanta this offseason and Winston shouldn't be one of them.