6 Bridge quarterbacks the Falcons should have considered before drafting Penix

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2. Sam Darnold

Looking at how poorly both the Jets and Panthers have been run it is fair to wonder what Darnold could be in the right situation. Darnold had some solid moments with both franchises but was never able to consistently put it together. If the Falcons were looking for a cheap bridge option Darnold would have been interesting.

If you miss out on Wilson, bring in Darnold and use the saved cap space to load up. Darnold doesn't have a high ceiling but at his best is a capable starter. Atlanta could have started Darnold for the first half of the season and eased Penix into the starting lineup.

This appears to be exactly what Kirk Cousins' former team is doing with J.J. McCarthy and Darnold. Cousins is worlds better but if he is your starter there isn't a reason to draft a rookie quarterback who matches Kirk's four-year deal.

Sam Darnold getting one last shot to start in Atlanta is an interesting story and doesn't change the fact this division is a two-team race. A low-risk move that would have fit drafting a quarterback 8th overall.