8 First-round selections that would have been better fits than Michael Penix Jr.

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5. Olu Fashanu

The Atlanta Falcons offensive line is arguably the strongest unit on the team. However, you have an aging Jake Matthews and Kaleb McGary to worry about. Matthews is showing no signs of regression but at his age, it is time to begin to think about the future. Having a talented rookie come in and be able to compete for both tackle roles would be ideal. It is a luxury but one that could be needed with recent struggles.

Kaleb McGary hasn't looked capable in pass protection consistently in his career. Bring in a player who can offer competition and an answer for a quarterback coming off a season-ending injury.

6. Laiatu Latu

It is hard not to fall in love with Latu's potential if you spend any time watching him in college. The concerns that caused Latu to slip were a concerning injury history. Something the Falcons were obviously not afraid of considering their selection of Penix.

Dallas Turner was the safest pick at the position, and Latu was the most exciting player. His ceiling was having a big year-one impact and would have made Atlanta's depth chart far more exciting. Atlanta should have selected Latu or Turner and opted to attempt to trade up for Penix.