8 perfect head coach-quarterback pairings for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons will have to fill two important vacancies this offseason and here are eight perfect pairings

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3. UNC QB Drake Maye & Texans OC Bobby Slowik

What Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik has done this season is just remarkable. He took a team that had the number-two pick and a struggling offense and turned them into an offensive juggernaut.

No doubt Slowik has been a key piece in the turnaround, but so has rookie QB C.J. Stroud who was widely considered the second-best quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. The same can be said for North Carolina's QB Drake Maye.

Drake Maye could have a similar season to Stroud under Bobby Slowik. He has the arm that Slowik needs for all the tight-window passing. Maye can be a pocket passer with the ability to make things happen with his legs, much like C.J. Stroud.

Drake Maye should pray that he gets drafted by Bobby Slowik.