Atlanta Falcons: 3 reasons you should not want Justin Fields

Justin Fields has been among the listed names of potential quarterback targets for the Atlanta Falcons but there are reasons he should be avoided.

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2. Justin Fields is the worst scheme fit for the Atlanta Falcons

Zac Robinson makes his way from working under Sean McVay to being the new offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons. When you consider that, you can make an easy guess that the Falcons new system will rival the Rams'.

And do you know what you don't see the Rams doing with Matt Stafford? Running him like he is Justin Fields. The two quarterbacks couldn't be more different.

While the best offensive minds are able to adjust to their players, why would Robinson choose to bring in a quarterback that would make him flip his entire scheme? It would be a different story if he inherited an already established mobile quarterback. That is not the case here.


The marriage would make no sense.