Atlanta Falcons: 6 coaches who could replace Arthur Smith

With so much doubt about Arthur Smith's future with the Atlanta Falcons, here are six coaches who could take over the team in the coming months

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3. Joe Brady - Bills OC

Initially, I did not like the thought of hiring Joe Brady as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. While he helped lead a historic offense with the LSU Tigers in 2019, he wasn't the offensive coordinator and he did not call plays.

The Panthers ended up hiring him and he wasn't great. He got fired in his second year. He was eventually hired as the quarterbacks coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2022 and was recently promoted to offensive coordinator after Ken Dorsey was fired.

Since then, the Bills have taken off. Their offense has finally reached the level that it should have been all along and the team is rolling. Brady has also shown that he can roll with the game and not force what isn't working.

Having Brady would unlock the potential of this talented offense for the Falcons.