3 reasons why Michael Penix Jr. could play in 2024 (and 2 he won't)

  • A worst-case scenario
  • A best-case scenario
  • The more realistic outcome
Atlanta Falcons, Michael Penix Jr.
Atlanta Falcons, Michael Penix Jr. / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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God forbid an injury happens, Penix is there

You never want to speak an injury into existence, so that's not what we're doing here. But, looking at the facts, it is in the realm of possibilities. Cousins is coming off a serious injury. That's a fact. And, there have been players who are not the same after such an injury.

Should Cousins get hurt again, then obviously Penix will play. Dating back to the 2015 campaign, Cousins had only missed a total of two games before last year's injury. So, we're not quite sure how he'll handle such major rehab at this age. Thankfully, Atlanta has an insurance plan.

If Atlanta completely implodes, Penix will see action by season's end

In a hypothetical world, Cousins isn't the same guy after recovering from injury and his age starts to catch up to him. Veteran quarterbacks start to tail off at different ages, and for different reasons. If 2024 is that season for Cousins, then the Falcons will look like geniuses, in part, for having a strong backup plan.

If Cousins falls flat to start the first half of this season and the Falcons wind up being out of the playoff race, then the free agent contract looks like a total whiff. However, Penix will get his shot to prove he's the future.

It seems like a far fetched idea that the Falcons will, indeed, stink in 2024. But, stranger things have happened in this league.