Falcons: The ultimate 'what could have been' lineup on defense

If the Atlanta Falcons had a crystal ball and could make every perfect decision, here is what their lineup on defense and special teams would look like
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Atlanta Falcons' perfect decision lineup: Outside linebackers

OLB: Micah Parsons (via 2021 draft, pick 4)
OLB: T.J. Watt (via 2017 draft, pick 26 - later re-signed)
OLB: Chandler Jones (via 2022 free agency)

  • Pick 4 used on Kyle Pitts
  • Pick 26 used on Takk McKinley
  • Jones signed w/ Raiders

Perhaps this is going a little bit overboard, nevertheless, having these three pass rushers rotate would be deadly for the Atlanta Falcons.

Having the Falcons take Micah Parsons over Kyle Pitts isn't saying that the selection of PItts was a mistake, it was just how the roster played out. The Falcons already had two good tight ends so they go with the electric pass rusher.

Parsons and T.J. Watt are arguably the two best pass rushers in the NFL. The Falcons would certainly take Watt over McKinley if they had a do-over.

Chandler Jones came so close to signing with the Falcons one year ago. Even though he had a down year last year, he is still capable of dominating any given week.