Ranking Falcons' biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

Six players the Atlanta Falcons stole in day three of the draft over the past decade.

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. . 5. 2018. Rd 6, Pk 194. Russell Gage. player. 44. Gage. Russell Gage

Russell Gage was an under-utilized receiver from LSU who the Falcons hoped would develop into more, and that he did.

Gage didn't do much in his first season since the Falcons had Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. His production jumped over the next two seasons which helped him end his career in Atlanta with two 700-yard seasons.

He spent two seasons in Tampa Bay and is now a free agent. Considering what he developed into, Gage was the definition of a gem for the Falcons. He was forced to be Matt Ryan's number-one receiver in both of their final seasons.