This should be the Atlanta Falcons plan at quarterback

If the Atlanta Falcons do indeed hire Bill Belichick then they should sign a veteran quarterback while also still using their first-round pick on one with an eye toward the future.

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The two biggest questions surrounding the Atlanta Falcons are who their head coach will be and who their next quarterback will be.

With the importance of those two jobs, the Falcons must make the right decision the first time. We have already seen them waste three years with a certain head coach and two years with no real answer at quarterback. This offseason, they should take a short-term approach while also having a long-term answer in waiting.

Atlanta Falcons should completely remake their quarterback room

Taylor Heinicke and Desmond Ridder are still under contract for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024. Heinicke will be released and we will have to wait and see what the future holds for the third-year passer Desmond Ridder.

The Falcons have to find a starting-caliber quarterback in either the draft or free agency.

If Bill Belichick is hired, many believe the Falcons will look at the free agent market and two names stick out—Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson.

Cousins is scheduled to be a free agent in March while Russell Wilson is likely to be released by the Broncos. There has been some buzz recently about Cousins stating that he wouldn't turn down the opportunity to play for Belichick.

Signing Cousins wouldn't be a bad idea, however, it also shouldn't stop them from taking a quarterback with the eighth-overall pick.

Sign Cousins to a one to three-year deal and draft one of the many talented passing prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. This would allow the young quarterback to learn behind a selfless Kirk Cousins (á la Patrick Mahomes and Jordan Love).

The main argument against this would be that it seems like a 'one foot in, one foot out' approach. If you are going to go all in on winning a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins then why not spend the eighth-overall pick on a player who can help you win right now?

That is certainly a good argument but ask the Packers if they regret drafting Jordan Love when they also had Aaron Rodgers. There is nothing wrong with going for it all while also giving yourself future flexibility.


The Falcons should not be afraid to put a bunch of assets into the quarterback position. The worst thing they can do is put no or very few assets into a position that is the biggest determining factor between winning and losing in the NFL.

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