Who are the five best Atlanta Falcons players going into 2024?

Who would you put as your top five Atlanta Falcons going into the 2024 season?
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Pro Football Focus recently highlighted who they think are the three best players on the Atlanta Falcons going into the 2024 season. Their top two choices were obvious but then things became debatable.

So, that has all inspired the question of who the five best Falcons are going into the 2024 season.

Evaluating who the best Falcons players are going into 2024

We can all agree on who the two best players are on the Atlanta Falcons—Jessie Bates III and Chris Lindstrom. The only question is who gets the honor of being the best player on the team. Bates plays a more flashy position but Lindstrom's yearly dominance should give him the edge.

When I went over PFF's rankings of the top three players, I mentioned how the debate starts with the third spot. PFF had Kirk Cousins at three and A.J. Terrell in the honorable mentions. I believe both players deserve to be in the top five.

The fact that some fans might be uncertain about Cousins as he comes off an injury may keep him off some lists. However, he was playing at an MVP level last season and has earned the right to be in the top five.

Bijan Robinson is the next player who would crack the majority's list. He had a phenomenal rookie season and the sky is the limit for him in 2024.

Here is my personal ranking and prediction:

  1. Chris Lindstrom
  2. Jessie Bates III
  3. Bijan Robinson
  4. Kirk Cousins
  5. A.J. Terrell

I see what Bijan did last season despite being in a dysfunctional offense. He has the potential to be the best in the league next season—and yes, that includes toppling Christian McCaffrey in the RB rankings.

The issue you run into with the Falcons is the amount of untapped potential on the roster. Guys like Kyle Pitts and Drake London have the potential to be in the top five but they didn't show that last year thanks to rough circumstances.

One thing is obvious in all of this; the Falcons have so much more talent than they had just a few years ago. Hopefully, that talent will combine to make a winning team in 2024.