Will Matt Ryan be next New York Jets QB following Aaron Rodgers injury?

Matt Ryan is available and now that the New York Jets just lost their high-priced quarterback for the year, could the two sides link up for the 2023 season?
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Wow, what a Monday night it was for the New York Jets. All offseason all we heard was the name Aaron Rodgers and then the Jets fans finally get to see him on the field... for four plays...

Obviously, Aaron Rodgers is done for the year due to a torn Achilles and it is looking like the Jets will try to bring in a veteran quarterback. One of the bigger names available is former Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan and that begs the question, could the Jets and Matt Ryan team up for the 2023 season?

Could Matt Ryan join the New York Jets following Aaron Rodgers disaster?

There are three things that the New York Jets know for sure right now; Aaron Rodgers won't be taking the field anytime soon (if ever), Matt Ryan is not officially retired, and Zach Wilson isn't taking them anywhere. The Jets are desperate to find any sort of decent play from the quarterback position and Matt Ryan could bring that.

And before anyone freaks out, yes, I know Matt Ryan was horrible last year. However, he was with a Colts team that couldn't even tie their own shoes; no QB would have ever been successful with that team.

Even then, Ryan was actually one of the more accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, he just struggled because his offensive line and receivers couldn't do anything.

Anyways, Matt Ryan has to be one of the first names that pops into Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas' minds. He is experienced, he knows how to command an offense, and, even at his age, he can do enough to win games.

Ryan hasn't officially retired (likely due to financial reasons) and has said that if the right situation presents itself, he would be willing to play again. This would seem like a good situation for the newest CBS broadcaster, but I honestly don't know that he would be eager to jump on the train.

I can't say that I have any insider knowledge, because I don't, but I have a gut feeling that his "right situation" would be joining the Falcons. He knows Arthur Smith's offense and he knows the city. I don't think he would want to join another new team and potentially go through another shell-shocking season.

Yes, the Jets are a much different team than the 2022 Colts, but this is New York we are talking about. If you throw one interception you immediately become the new Zach Wilson. It just doesn't seem like a situation he would be too eager to join. Right now, he is able to sit in the booth and watch games while the Colts continue to pay his bills—that seems like a good situation for him.

There is also the fact that the Jets' offensive line doesn't exactly look great. Ryan doesn't have the mobility (unless he is going against the Raiders) to cover up for offensive line deficiencies.

While it can't totally be ruled it out, don't expect to see Matt Ryan signing with the Jets for the 2023 season.