Atlanta Falcons’ Tackle Lamar Holmes Is Starting to Impress


Lamar Holmes may have been the worst tackle in the NFL last season. In 2013, the Atlanta Falcons’ very own Matt Ryan struggled to even get 3 seconds in the pocket because of the porous play of the line, the worst performance usually coming off of Lamar Holmes.

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Now, things are changing…It took a while, but he is changing.

Holmes is a University of Southern Mississippi alumni, and was picked in the higher rounds of the 2012 NFL draft (3rd round). Anyone who is picked that high is expected to either be a plug-in-starter or at least a starter by two or three years. Here is what had to say about Holmes when he was drafted.

"“Two-year starter. Junior college transfer with long arms and a thick lower body. Played in both a two and three point stance in college. Needs technique work in every part of his game. Gets leveraged back when he loses his knee bend. Drops his head and hands as a pass protector at times. All-conference left tackle. Hustles downfield to make a block, but loses balance in space. Wall off position blocker in the pass game. Gives up ground too quickly as a pass protector. Inconsistent movement on snap. Sets on the count at times. Plays square but gets turned and opens the gate to a free runner. A developmental player with borderline pro physical skills and inconsistent production.”"

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  • If you have watched him closely throughout the years… 

    Everything that OurLads said about this kid is true. He dropped his head and hands all the time, just whiffs at linebackers and safeties, and gives up ground quickly as a pass protector. Note that this is all part of the past, because it seems as if Lamar Holmes of the Atlanta Falcons has figured it out.

    Throughout preseason, I expected this guy to just get demolished after being named the starter when Sam Baker went down. But yet, he held his own. And I certainly wrote about it when we were nearing the first real regular season game of the season.

    "“I watched the game over again and kept my eyes on the big guy the whole time. He played 45 snaps and only allowed one quarterback hurry, but no sacks or penalties. It may seem as if the Dirty Birds have found themselves a new and improved Lamar Holmes.”"

    Then when the first game against the New Orleans Saints came, hey! Holmes did well! He looked quicker out there, didn’t give up a single sack, and paved the holes for Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers. BUT, the title says “starting to impress,” and not “is amazing.” Against the Cincinnati Bengals the very next week, he didn’t do so hot. It’s not like he went back to his old ways, but he still gave up some pressure and didn’t move defensive lineman off the ball on running situations. Then, just last week here came the impressive Holmes off the bus against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

    Needless to say, Lamar Holmes is a work in progress, but there is no doubt he deserves the start over Gabe Carimi. And when he said in a interview that he is still learning and continuing to get better, I have total trust in 76. 

    "“I had ups and downs,” Holmes said. “But it’s something I can learn and keep building off of. (I’m gonna get better)”"

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