Atlanta Falcons: Grady Jarrett improves against New York Jets, still got work to do


Grady Jarrett expressed that he wanted to get off to a great start in his first NFL game. Truth is he didn’t have the type of game that he or the Atlanta Falcons envisioned. He appeared slow off the ball and didn’t use his hands to get off blocks.

In his second game against the Jets, the fifth-rounder improved. The Falcons were hoping he would be able to knife through defenses to provide a solid pass rush from the middle of the field and be stout against the run. To this point Jarrett has been neither.

Jarrett has shown the ability to hold his own against NFL offensive lineman but the Falcons would love to see a little more out of him. The coaching staff hope he could provide some solid depth this season at the defensive tackle position, however the former Clemson Tiger is facing some stiff competition and if he doesn’t ramp it up a notch he may find himself on the practice squad.

The new coaching staff doesn’t play the “favorites” game or care about where a player was drafted. Coach Quinn will simply select the best 53 players for his roster. I have compiled a list of things Jarrett can improve on to solidify his position on the roster over the next two preseason games.

  • He needs to get off the ball faster (first step has looked slow)
  • Utilize pass rush techniques
  • Shed blockers
  • Stay low (he is already short for a DT; he can use that to his advantage)

The good thing is Jarrett is a rookie and he is expected to struggle some as he transitions to the NFL. He performed much better this week and should have a place on the Falcons roster as he continues to improve.

What are your thoughts on Grady Jarrett’s performance during the preseason?

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