What if Matt Ryan retired early on the Falcons?

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There are not a lot of quarterbacks with NFL experience left on the open market. If the Atlanta Falcons were going to turn the team over to any of these guys, it would signal a complete rebuild. Couple that with the fact that the Falcons have one of the toughest schedules in the National Football League, Mercedes Benz Stadium would a barren wasteland.

Matt Cassel

One of two NFL free agent quarterback with any experience as a starter. The one time Tom Brady backup is 37 years old and has somehow turned a single season of success under Bill Belichek into a career that has last for 15 seasons.

He has never had a single season where he completed more than 60 percent of his pass attempts and only has a couple seasons where he threw more touchdowns than interceptions, easy to say this is not an attractive way to go should Matt Ryan decide to hang it up.

Austin Davis

The former FCS player has appeared in 13 NFL games since being undrafted in 2014. He was forced into action with the Rams back in 2014 and was not all that bad. Completed 64 percent of his passes for two thousand yards and 12 touchdowns.

He spent 2015 with the Brown and then time a couple different practice squads. He is currently an offensive analyst with Pete Carroll up in Seattle.

Brad Kaaya

The one time Miami Hurricane made a really bad decision to leave school early a few years ago and has never been able to make an active roster. No has touched him since the Colts released him from their practice squad a year ago.

Colin Kaepernick

The most qualified free agent on the market. We get it, we know how a lot of fans feel about this player. From a football perspective it would make the most sense given his resume, but people seem to care more about his off the field views and have used those to disparage the talent that he actually has.